1. I am eager to know whether such polli-bricks can be commercially applicable in developing countries, which requires huge Raw material in form of bricks.

  2. Mohamed azhar

    What is weight of the plastic brick..??
    And we had a mini project among this brick could you help me to do in small way or else resize and could you please tell me how it may be bricked ??

    1. Olmo Forni

      Hi Katie,

      I love the concept, and would definitely know more about it, but it seems there is troubles with the website, it’s not redirecting properly


      1. Kyle Blanchette

        Thanks for reading! The links are now fixed.

  3. Mr pradeep

    Do share more details if this needs to be manufactured ? is it possible and durable ?


    1. Yes, these bricks are being manufactured and used. One of the most recent buildings constructed from these bricks is the EcoARK.

      Thanks for reading our blog and reaching out!


      Polymer Solutions

  4. Samuel

    excuse me.!
    I have an inquiry about the material which is used to link the bricks together or is it just interlocking that’s holding the bricks together..?


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