1. Sinniah Srikantha

      We would like to know how this polymer is placed.or do you have to buy this with the Tyre.If not we could and pump into the Tyre keep it to dry or it dry by itself.please advice little more about this it is very interesting.Thanks


      1. I believe you do have to buy the polymer already placed in the tire. It is manufactured that way. Contact the manufacturer or distributor to learn more.

  1. Angelo A.C. Weinhardt

    Incredible! I would like to receive more information about the polymer. How do I distribute the product in Brazil, is it possible? I would like to much.


    1. Contact the distributor in the U.S. I think the link to the office number is in the story/blog.

  2. Phil

    Yes, it is a special process where the polymer is chemically adhered to the inside of the tire. It is not a liquid. I’ve spoken with Kevin about his product several times over the past 4 years. I just can’t believe that a major tire company hasn’t jumped on this. It would eliminate the need for a spare tire completely.

    1. orys

      “It would eliminate the need for a spare tire completely.”

      This is propably why :) Would you deliberately cut your sales by 20%? :)


  3. DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i want this stuff!!!!!!!!!!!

    living in a third world country we know ALL about flat tyres!!
    This is AMAZING


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