Polymer-Blend Material Aims to Mend Broken Bones

bone fracture

Bad bone breaks may no longer need a metal pin or plate to help them heal, if Spanish researchers’ medical idea comes to fruition. The materials engineers from the UPV/EHU-University of the Basque Country are developing a biodegradable polymer, infused with bioglass, that could help bones heal without needing additional surgical procedures, reports CORDIS News. […]

Microbes Convert Cooking Oil to Plastics

Cooking Oil

Microbes are the secret agents for the new alchemy. Instead of the ancients using transmuting mysterious agents to attempt to turn lead into gold, today’s scientists are using microbes to convert waste cooking oil as a starting material to generate bioplastics. The process produces plastics that are cheaper than those made with other methods, and […]

Polymer Nanoparticles Prohibit Growth of Tumor Cells

Cancer cell

Researchers have developed a method using polymer nanoparticles that that can prohibit the growth of tumor cells. The scientists at Harvard University coated the polymer nanoparticles with therapeutic antibodies that interfere with the body’s ability to produce what is called the extracellular matrix, a structural scaffolding of proteins and polysaccharides that gives tumor cells a […]

Plastic-Producing Potato Sites Vandalized

Potatoes have been genetically modified to produce cyanophycin for biodegradable plastics.

On the nights of July 9 and 11, masked attackers vandalized two experimental sites in Germany growing genetically modified wheat and potatoes. The potatoes were producing a raw material in plastic manufacturing. As Gretchen Vogel reports in ScienceInsider: Kerstin Schmidt, head of Biovativ, the company that owns the test plots in Gross Lüsewitz, told German […]