Researchers Find Key to Muscle Regeneration

tissue regeneration

Doctors or medical device manufacturers might be happy to learn that Spanish researchers have found an association within cells that could lead to treatments to regenerate muscle injuries or dystrophies. The discovery could be particularly beneficial for those suffering from genetic diseases, such as Duchenne muscular dystrophy, a common muscular disorder in children. The disease […]

Polymer Material Made for Tissue Regeneration

vascular graft

The search may be over for the perfect biomaterial for replacement blood vessels and connective tissue. Ideally, biomaterial should have at a minimum mechanical strength, elasticity, degradability, compatibility with the body so that it does not get rejected, and an ability to join the blood circulation system. Current biomaterials on the market usually have most, […]

Polymer Scaffolds Heal Damaged Tissue


Say, you’ve got some damaged or wounded tissue inside of your body. How is it going to heal? Scientists at Harvard University have developed a method that could speed up your body’s natural healing ability. The method is minimally invasive, and delivers structure and drugs to the damaged area. The structure is made up of […]

Microbes Convert Cooking Oil to Plastics

Cooking Oil

Microbes are the secret agents for the new alchemy. Instead of the ancients using transmuting mysterious agents to attempt to turn lead into gold, today’s scientists are using microbes to convert waste cooking oil as a starting material to generate bioplastics. The process produces plastics that are cheaper than those made with other methods, and […]