Implant Chip Helps Blind People See

retinal implant

German researchers have invented a microchip that helps blind people see lines and colors. The microchip — 3 x 3 mm in size and developed by the German biotechnology firm Retina Implant AG — is implanted below the surface of the retina where it electronically stimulates the optical tissues, reports New Horizons. The chip is […]

Medical Device and Other Biotech Companies Grow in Central VA

Many Charlottesville-based biotech companies spin out of R&D projects at University of Virginia.

Central Virginia is seeing a rise in biomedical industry endeavors, reports columnist Bryan McKenzie in The Daily Progress. More and more companies are jumping into the sector to develop medical devices and a slew of other biomedical products and health services, many of which have spun out of research done in laboratories at the University […]