Polymer Helps Medicine Get to Its Target


The medicine in pills sometimes doesn’t reach its intended target when the body does not absorb it. But thanks to some polymer research by scientists at two American universities, that all may change. Kevin Edgar, a polymer chemist at Virginia Tech, and Lynne Taylor, a pharmaceutical scientist at Purdue University, have designed an all-natural polymer […]

DNA Research Develops New Polymers


American scientists have made a breakthrough in building synthetic polymers that could create new or improved biological functions not found in nature, which could produce new biomedical applications. The innovation involves building the synthetic polymers by using DNA as a template. DNA gives scientists the power of natural selection by creating synthetic polymers in much […]

One Polymer System, Many Functions

Medical care

Polymer scientists at the University of Akron have discovered a one-size-fits-all polymer system that can be modified to perform various functions, from fighting infection to filtering water. The researchers found a way to attach bioactive molecules to an electrospun polymer without compromising how the former molecules function biologically. Medical device manufacturers and clinicians should be […]

Polymers Useful to Find Inflammation


A scientist at the University of California, San Diego, has found that certain polymers can help detect low-level inflammation, an indicator of disease. Once the inflammation is targeted, then doctors could send drugs to the specific site so that the patient heals. Inflammation is simply a chemical imbalance within a tissue. The chemical reactions accumulate […]

Quick Chemical Test for Fake Drugs


American scientists have developed tests that determine whether medications are fake. Counterfeit medications are a lucrative and popular business. The World Health Organization estimates that 10 to 30% of drugs sold in developing countries are fake, reports Voice of America. “It appears that a lot of counterfeit drugs are coming out of Southeast Asia and […]

Device Detects Cancer Early


Purdue researchers have developed a biosensor that could detect cancer early and design personalized medicine based on a patient’s specific biochemistry. The device, called a Flexure-FET biosensor, combines a mechanical sensor that identifies a bio-molecule based on its mass and size with an electrical sensor that identifies molecules based on their electrical charge, according to […]

Device Speeds Detection, Treatment of Bacteria

When a patient has a stubborn infection, sometimes doctors are at a loss to know what type of infection it is and how to treat it. Making cultures of the bacteria to unveil their identity can take hours, sometimes too long for sick patients. In the meantime, doctors often throw a wide spectrum of antibiotics […]

Polymer Alternative to DNA Created


British scientists have developed polymer alternatives to DNA and RNA — the molecular architecture of life on Earth — that could lead to improvements in medicine and nanotechnology. DNA forms the template that contains all the information necessary to create an organism, writes Eryn Brown for Los Angeles Times via BostonHerald.com. RNA takes that information […]