Why Choose A Lab With Credentials

When you’re dealing with polymer testing, there’s no room for uncertainty. Especially if you are manufacturing a product that must work properly–and who would possibly be content to sell products that will result in uncertain performance or potential safety issues?

ACS (17)

Just as you wouldn’t entrust your health to a doctor who didn’t pass the boards or your legal welfare to an attorney who didn’t pass the bar, you don’t want to give your critical business to a lab that lacks relevant certifications. Accreditations like ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation and cGMP compliance (both of which PSI has, by the way) help you know the lab you’ve hired can demonstrate it has systems in place to produce reliable data. 

Fortunately, multiple organizations evaluate and certify testing labs like ours. Coming from established scientific and regulatory organizations, these certifications give a higher level of legitimacy in the companies that earn them. Companies that hold these credentials have met rigorous standards for process, quality and reliability. They’ve demonstrated their ability to effectively manage testing projects, their technical competence and their ability to generate valid results. They have also been audited and had their practices scrutinized for areas in which they can improve. For example, to become ISO/IEC 17025 accredited, it requires extensive documentation and on-site audits.

Lab spaceOf course, different credentials tell you different things about a company, and it’s important to know which ones apply to the type of testing you need done. For example, if you’re producing a medical device, you might choose a testing lab that has FDA registration and ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation.

It’s important to review labs like ours, to find who can provide the best answers to specific industry questions. Our eagerness to achieve great science is reassured by attaining these licenses and maintaining quality assurance so we can provide a broad range of clients with reliable data.