A Hollywood Event | The Poly Awards & Video Premier

We are extremely strong in our individual areas of expertise and therefore the sum of our parts is exceptional. Part of what keeps us happy and healthy as a company and individuals is our dedication to the “work hard play hard” motto that guides our activities here, day in and day out. We also live by a principle of “make their day,” which means celebrating the great people we work with and making sure to maintain an attitude of gratitude. With those principles in mind we decided to have a Hollywood Themed Award Show, cleverly dubbed “The Polys,” to recognize all the stars here at Polymer Solutions.

Our event was filled with delicious food like jumbo shrimp cocktail and a martini-styled mashed potato bar. We spent time giving out awards of excellence from individual departments and also had the People’s Choice Award “Polys.” We also had a movie premier of the newly released Polymer Solutions video about who we are and what we do (you don’t want to miss it!). Of course, our event would not have been complete without a red carpet and appearance from the paparazzi.

No Hollywood event would be complete without a speech acknowledging those that have contributed to the success of the winners. So let us take a moment and say thank you to all our clients, colleagues, friends, family, and supporters who have made our success as a company possible and also so enjoyable. We are tremendously thankful for who we are and the privilege of what we get to do each and every day! Cheers!


Curious about the winners of the Poly Awards? Here’s how they shaped out:

Most Likely to Grow up and Be Bill Nye the Science Guy

  • Alan Sentman

Most Likely to Have a Brilliant Idea

  • Jason Todd

Most Likely to Make us Laugh (A tie!)

  • Rylee Rhodes 
  • Tim Rumsfeldt

The Food Fanactic

  • Alex Wensley

Most Likely to do What it Takes to Get the Job Done

  • Jennifer Brooks

The Competitive Spirit Award

  • Jonny Angle

Most Likely to Make a Nerdy Movie Reference

  • Jenny Hazlett

Most Likely to Have a Cool Hobby Outside of Work

  • Jarret Wright

Most Likely to Send an Extremely Accurate Meme in an Email

  • Jenny Hazlett