SGS PSI Halloween Party 2018

If you stopped by our labs on October 31st, there’s a likely chance you caught a glimpse of long cloaks, pointy hats, and maybe a few brewing potions. We hope you weren’t alarmed, it was just our scientists and staff dressed up for one of our favorite holidays: Halloween!

Our team goes all out for this spooky holiday. Last year, our staff celebrated by competing against each other in various competitions–such as costume and desk-decorating contests–and we announced the winners on our blog. This year, our party took a magical twist: Our staff dressed up as wizards! Although no spells were cast, we had a magical time in our labs.

Halloween Party 2018So what was the inspiration for this year’s Halloween party theme? Harry Potter: A company favorite here at SGS PSI! Thanks to our creative team, our break room was transfigured into a set straight from the wizarding world of Harry Potter, with Hogwarts decor adorning the walls. The majority of our staff came to work dressed in their best wizard costumes.

But the magic didn’t stop there! Our party included a buffet of delicious foods, festive treats (Chocolate Frogs, anyone?) and even a photo booth complete with fun props! Our Safety Manager, Dr. Alan Sentman, walked around with our very own “trolley” of treats stocked with an assortment of jelly beans, lollipops, and more. We also had a variety of delicious cakes and other pastries, because what’s a wizard party without some wickedly scrumptious food?

This party would not have been possible without Jenny Hazlett and Julie Guthrie. These ladies were responsible for planning the entire party and it’s safe to say they exceeded all of our expectations!

We know it’s a bit unusual to celebrate this spooky season with such fervor. So why do we have an annual Halloween party?

Our motto at SGS PSI is “Work hard play hard”. We pride ourselves for having a fantastic, fun company culture. Annual celebrations, such as Talk Like A Pirate Day and summertime cook-outs, allow our team to spend quality time together during the work day. It’s a great opportunity to take a break from working hard in our labs and show our creative side, as well as get to know the folks we don’t see every day.

We couldn’t write about our magical day without including some photos! Check out the photo gallery below for a peek into all of the magical fun.

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