Top 7 Things We’ve Tested

interesting-things-testedHere at PSI, we have the chance to test some interesting things. We love to do it, and love it even more when we get the chance to talk about it and connect science with everyday products and experiences. The exciting things we get to test range from everyday items to innovations that save lives and influence cutting-edge research.

Some of these were so exciting, we had to share them with you. So, here they are: 7 of the most interesting things we’ve tested!

1. Artificial Tear Drops

“Artificial tears” are eye drops that you can use, usually over-the-counter, that rehydrate your eyes and give temporary relief of symptoms brought on by allergies or other ailments. What was interesting about this project was that nothing at all was wrong with the artificial tears. We performed LC-MS along with physical testing to determine why the labels on the bottles were falling off. The client supplied different packaging materials and we tried to duplicate what could have happened to cause the label failure.

2. Cellulose

Cellulose is a common, but exciting polymer found in wood. It has many uses, ranging from building materials to the sorts of biotechnology that we work with. In this case, we performed Molar Mass analysis on cellulose that was being used as a drug delivery system for gene therapy.

It’s exciting when our work can have potentially far-reaching applications in real-world research. Fortunately for us, we’re able to perform these tests regularly and really dive into the science and complex nature of a lot of these materials.

3. NASCAR Stadium Seats

With all the raw power and exciting sounds a NASCAR stadium has to offer, it might surprise you that we tested… the stadium seats. But just like so many things you may overlook each day, everyday science is all around!

For these stadium seats, we performed Additives Analysis to provide information to the client that would help them decide which seats they wanted to put in their stadium. It might sound simple, but these seats have to deal with a lot of abuse. Not only from fans, spilled drinks, and cleanings, but also from temperature changes and consistent exposure to UV-light, which can cause problems without the proper additives package. It’s just another example of the interesting work we do here at Polymer Solutions!

4. Explants

If you’ve read our blog, you may know that we have experience working with medical implants and devices. Sometimes, these devices are explants.

We performed an analysis of the additives present in the materials that were explanted (removed from the human body.) It’s very exciting to do testing on materials that are medically necessary and important for their potential to create more positive patient outcomes.

5. Tracheal Implants

Another great example of the sort of science and cutting-edge research we see ourselves testing is tracheal implants. We performed molar mass analysis on tracheal implants that were explanted from swine. Are you interested in why they were in swine in the first place? Pigs and humans actually have very similar biological systems. Pigs are regularly used as a translational research model because of those similarities.

6. Adult Novelties

It is extremely important to make sure adult novelties and sex toys are safe for the human body. As many of these products are constructed from plastic and polymer materials, the needs for testing to ensure harmful substances are not present is key.

We’ve performed an additives analysis on these products to make sure they are safe and non-reactive to the human body. It’s an interesting industry that sometimes lacks oversight and control. We love that we can be a part of research that makes products safer for consumers.

7. A Men’s Shirt (for the presence of lipstick)

The last spot on our list is reserved for perhaps the most memorable one! We extracted a sample from a red smudge on a men’s shirt and used FTIR to ascertain if the red smudge was consistent with the composition of lipstick.

We’ll let your mind wander on that test, but we will say, there was a conclusive result: it was lipstick.

There you have it, our top 7! We can’t wait to see all the new and exciting things 2018 brings us here at Polymer Solutions. From tests we’ve done countless times to projects that require innovative ideas, we love the great science that we do best here at PSI.

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