IT Manager to Compete in World Championship Event

It’s time for us to brag on one of our own. Brace yourself, this isn’t going to be a “humble brag.” You see, Brandon Landreth, our IT Manager, has devoted countless hours of his free time to working with a local high school robotics team, FRC Team 401 Copperhead Robotics. His passion for robotics and mentoring this group is admirable and he quietly serves in this role, never making a big deal of the countless hours he spends with the team. That alone is worth acknowledging. In addition to that, his team recently won a huge award at the district championship event, the “Engineering Inspiration Award”. This award means Brandon and the Copperhead Robotics will be competing in the FIRST World Championship event in St. Louis, Missouri. 

The Engineering Inspiration Award is given to the team that works to inspire others in their schools and community. The team also must encourage STEAM through education and outreach. To be eligible to compete for this award the team had to first win at a district event, which they achieved last month. The selection process includes multiple interviews and a presentation by three team members to a panel of judges. Out of 143 other district teams, the Copperhead Robotics team was selected as the winners.

Traveling to St.Louis to compete at the world championship event represents the culmination of a year’s worth of hard work. The 401 Copperhead Robotics team completed hundreds of hours of outreach, to include demonstrating their robot to children, families, sponsors, and the general public. Their robot (accompanied by the team, of course) also makes appearances at public and private events, in addition to joining educational events, classes and workshops. A tremendous amount of commitment to the team and the ideals of STEAM is required all year long.

To make the award even sweeter, NASA is paying the $5,000 registration fee for this competition. The team will face off with about 400 other teams in a competition described as “the hardest fun you’ll ever have.” It is also touted as “the ultimate Sport for the Mind.”

While Brandon and the 401 Copperhead Robotics team is able to accomplish within the community is incredible, so are the technical accomplishments . Brandon explained:

“All of our code and CAD designs are open source and thoroughly documented alongside our entire design process,” he explained. “All of the code we publish includes guides for use on multiple platforms. Some of the code we wrote for vision processing and LIDAR is currently running on a number of other FRC robots in the world.”

As a company we are honored to have Brandon on board; he is smart, capable and gives back to the community in big ways. He works hard each day with us and continues this hard work with the FRC Team 401 Copperhead Robotics team. Please join us in congratulating Brandon and the 401 Copperhead Robotics team on this huge award and recognition. It is much deserved!