Why We Love Great Science

Our team is comprised of a variety of wonderful people. We come from different backgrounds and all have unique paths that have led us to Polymer Solutions. While our many differences make our team an interesting and eclectic blend, we share one huge commonality that is a critical component of our company: our love for great science.

Take a look at our logo and you will note the tagline reads, “Great Science. Independent Testing.” If you spend any time reading through our blog archives you will notice the mention of our love for great science comes up a lot. It is something we live and uphold each and every day within our labs. So why do we love great science so much?


“I love great science because of the confidence it gives us, in the solutions we find to the challenges placed before us,” said Gavin Smith, a scientist within our Chromatography Lab. He raises an excellent point: great science creates confidence in results and data. When the material tested is for high-consequence or high-risk applications, this confidence is especially necessary.

High-risk applications can include automotive or defense and also life sciences. In any of those industries, injury or death may result if great science practices are not followed.


When reflecting on great science, Margaret Sawyer-Cash, our Purchasing and Payables Specialist, shared one of her favorite quotes, by Brian Greene, “Science is the process that takes us from confusion to understanding.” Jarret Wright, Lab Manager and Senior Scientist, affirmed this, “Great science is the only way to get the TRUE answer to a question or cause of a problem.”

Science satisfies an insatiable curiosity. It clarifies questions about our everyday experiences that may initially perplex us. These questions may seem silly and small but can also be monumental and pivotal. From silly to serious, science is ready to cut the confusion and bring about understanding.


Great science has pragmatic benefits like traceability. When good documentation practices are followed it is possible to have confidence in the data and the process that resulted in the data. Our Business Administration Manager, Rylee Rhodes, shared, “ I love the traceability that is only available if you do things correctly and with great documentation.”

Traceability recently hit close to home when one of our own required a medical device that our team regularly tests. We were able to go back and determine exactly which scientist tested the lot of medical devices and on which date. Good documentation practices and great science go hand-in-hand.


Great sciences creates a sense of not only understanding but also predicting. There is comfort in understanding how things work and more specifically the rules of nature. Jennifer Brooks, Ph.D., our Director of Project Management stated, “I’m drawn to science because there’s always something new to learn, but also because there are rules that things usually follow. There’s such beauty in the natural world, and I also find it interesting that we can in some limited way understand and predict that.”

Our Project Manager and Senior Scientist, Beth Caba, Ph.D., reiterated this:

Science gives us a framework to understand the world around us. It gives us a means of developing a working model of what we perceive. The model may be wrong and need to evolve, but the very act of creating the model lets us experiment, challenge, act, change things, grow.

An Impact

Truly great science leaves a lasting impact. As our Sales Manager and Senior Scientist, Kyle Copeland, shared, “Alexander Fleming, Edward Jenner, and Nikola Tesla impacted everyone with great science.” Our team knows the great science we do in our labs is leaving a lasting impact on the world around us. We are supporting innovators and technology across the globe.

What is great science?

Ultimately, great science is how we are collectively working to make our world a safer, healthier, and happier place.