Polymer Solutions Speaks: Analytical Techniques for Nanocharacterization

On March 2, 2016, one of our very own will speak at the March Medical Development Group forum Jarret Wright (1)taking place in Boston, Massachusetts. Jarret Wright, our Microscopy Lab Manager, has had several experiences speaking on the type of work we do at Polymer Solutions. We value Jarret for being a creditable communicator for the company and someone who has the ability to make science a riveting topic with practical applications for the audience.

The abstract of Jarret’s presentation is as follows:

Often a sample requires specialized preparation in order to provide optimal images and data sets. Jarret Wright, M.S., will discuss techniques, challenges, and approaches to nanocharacterization including specialized sampling techniques. Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) is a method for characterization of a sample’s surface or nanoparticles that have been deposited. Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) is an excellent analytical approach to characterization of nanomaterials within a sample.  This presentation will include practical advice as well as information shared in the context of case studies.

So what exactly is MDG all about? MDG is an association of people whose professional careers contribute to the growth of medical devices and technologies. Their mission is to contribute to the health care world by endorsing and enhancing its members’ medical-related career development. This group carries out support to health care by managing activities related to its advancements, promoting entrepreneurial thinking, and advocating innovative business opportunities relevant to this field. MDG aims to achieve advancements in the medical world through organizing educational programs and events, like the nanotechnology in the healthcare industry forum.

Nanotechnology has the ability to potentially transform the technology we use for the health care world by making it more efficient, cheaper, and easier to use. The nanotechnology in healthcare forum is an excellent opportunity for Jarret to share information and experiences with the audience in a way that they can understand the possibilities of nanocharacterization and associated challenges. The ultimate goal is to support those within the medical development industries that are creating better patient outcomes through their innovations and product developments.

In Jarret’s presentation he will explain some difficult aspects of sample preparation and analysis for nanocharacterization. Sample preparation is a critical step in ensuring great data sets and reliable results. When we asked Jarret about how he tackles such difficult analytical challenges, he said that the most difficult projects are often the most interesting. “I enjoy talking about those interesting projects, especially when cutting edge technology is involved,” Jarret added.

The forum in March is also a great opportunity for PSI to present our company’s vast array of services to the MDG group and its audience. We intend to demonstrate the expertise and analytical science we use on a daily basis to support those within the medical device and life sciences industries.

Jarret will also be presenting alongside with two other experts. The second speaker is Steve Zale, the VP of Development at Bind Therapeutics, Inc. The third speaker is Fred Sweeney, the Director of Business Development at T2 Biosystems, Inc.

PSI is excited to hear about Jarret’s and the other speakers’ takes on the innovative lab work that could have huge impacts on the health care world! Good luck guys!