MD&M West Trade Show

Here at SGS PSI, we enjoy connecting with others in our industry in order to stay abreast of industry trends & changes. One way we do this is by traveling to trade shows!

Most recently, we traveled across the country to the Medical Design & Manufacturing (MD&M) West show in Anaheim, California. MD&M is the largest 3-day medtech conference in North America, with over 1,900 suppliers showcasing their cutting-edge and innovative products. This was our seventh year exhibiting at MD&M; this year we joined SGS Metallurgical Service Incorporated (MSi) at a combined table for our two labs.

medical-design-manufacturing-west-showKyle Copeland, our Senior Scientist & Business Development Manager, and Nathan Hylton, our Senior Scientist & Project Manager, both enjoyed an escape from the wintry winds of Blacksburg, Virginia and traveled to Anaheim for the conference.

As a testing lab, there’s plenty of value in attending trade shows. “For one, we meet many new potential clients,” Kyle explained. “Beyond that, we get an overall sense of what is happening within the plastic and medical device industry.”

It’s not easy to get a huge group of industry experts in one place. Trade shows like this one give us a chance to meet scientists, developers, and researchers from all over the world. We have the rare opportunity to interface with potential clients directly, as well as see incredible industry innovations first-hand. It also gives us a chance to prepare for what might be coming in the future. If, for example, a new material is being considered for future medical devices, we’ll know to prepare for the day that it arrives on our doorstep, ready to be tested.

When asked what he enjoys most about the show, Kyle had this to say: “Being able to see the direction that the manufacturing and medical device industry is going. It also gives us a chance to hear about any new regulatory concerns that clients are having.”

What was Kyle’s favorite exhibit? Trick question: He doesn’t have one! “I’m particularly interested in companies that are doing additive manufacturing/3D printing,” he said. “That industry is changing extremely fast. There’s always something new and interesting every year.” This year, 3D Printing was highlighted at the trade show, a testament to its growing impact.

Kyle’s point brings up another reason why we go to trade shows: Because they’re cool. It’s not often we get to see incredible inventors showcase their work all in one place. We’re able to get a glimpse inside some of the greatest minds of our generation from all across the globe, and see their genius manifested right in front of us! It’s economically beneficial for us to meet and chat with potential clients, of course, but it’s also awesome to see the future right before our eyes.

The people who represent you at a trade show can make or break the experience. Thank you, Kyle and Nathan, for representing SGS PSI well. We’re excited to see how the work presented during MD&M will transform the medical device industry, and we hope to see some of the products in our lab one day!