Meet Curran Parpia!

Joining us all the way from the great state of Texas is Curran Parpia. With him on our team, we can now say we know someone who beat a football hall of famer at golf!

Curran is a new Scientist II in the chromatography group, with expertise in liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry. “I am a new facet of this collaboratively driven group of scientists, here to provide a new perspective in our daily challenge,” Curran explained. “My goal in my job is to be a little better than I was the day before, constantly improving as a chemist and an intellectual. The team I work with is amazing and there is so much to learn from everybody.”

How did a born-and-bred Texan find his way out east? “I joined SGS PSI because it was an opportunity to join both a small company and a large company,” he said. “It feels like a tight knit family with the outreach of a global powerhouse. Polymer Solutions has achieved so much under Jim & Cynthia, and it was immediately evident that they were doing things the right way when I came to visit from Texas. I have a huge amount of respect for what Polymer Solutions accomplished in the past 30 years.”

Curran loves the intellectual challenge and team-centric atmosphere of his work. “I enjoy coming to work each day because I am passionate about learning and solving the puzzles that we deal with,” he said. “My ideal day at work is any day that I can work collaboratively with the great scientists at SGS PSI and learn a new skill. I would hope that I am constantly providing value to our chromatography team and the company while growing as an individual.”

Curran’s attitude and mindset towards continual improvement isn’t only applicable to his work in the labs. He’s obsessed (his words; not ours!) with golf for that very reason. “It’s a game that you can never master. You compete with yourself, you can always be better than you were the day before. It imparts integrity and honesty.” He also claims it aligns his chakras, which would explain why he’s always at the green, finding balance and peace between each hole.

There must be something to that claim, though, because Curran was lucky enough to meet the legendary Bruce Smith! He was playing solo on the Pete Dye River Course, and “After a few holes, I started pushing up on the group in front of me. Before every tee shot, I had to wait for them to get out of the fairway and then finish on the green. Well, when I got to the green on one of the holes, they were waiting on the tee box of the next as a group in front of them was finishing up ahead. Still not knowing who it was I said, ‘Hey, can I play with you guys?’ and none other than Bruce-Freaking-Smith said, ‘Yeah, come on!’” As if that wasn’t cool enough, Curran said, “Now I can say I beat a hall of famer at golf.” And did we mention he’s only been playing since his early 20s? Remind us to never challenge Curran to a game!

All kidding aside, his healthy spirit of competition–gained from his years in athletics– is something he hopes will serve our team well. “I never want to stop becoming better. [Competition] fuels me to be the best teammate I can be.” And he’s more than just his drive. “My coworkers  describe me as someone who is fun and hardworking. Someone who never takes themselves too seriously and has a good sense of humor.”

We’re grateful to have Curran on our team, and not just because the scientists can now dominate at company mini golf tournaments. We’re excited for the energy he brings and can’t wait to see how he grows within this role!