Meet Jenny Hazlett!

What do you call someone with an amazing umbrella collection, excellent taste in clothes, a love of pugs, and a membership with the Hogwarts Running Club? Well, we would call them Jenny Hazlett! One of our Scientist II and Group Leaders in the Chromatography Department, Jenny is not only spectacular at and deeply passionate about what she does, she is also one of the funniest people you’ll ever meet!

jenny-kayaking-with-her-pugAs a Scientist II and Group Leader, Jenny’s role is multifaceted. “I generally just try to take pressure off the lab managers and the project managers, so that they can focus on their jobs,” she explained. Jenny handles scheduling for her testing group, keeps track of progress and milestones to ensure testing is on track, and manages plan development for complex sample testing and all that goes with it (writing instructions, making sure they have all the necessary materials, etc). With her in-depth knowledge of processes and project needs, she also works with sales to ensure projects are quoted properly. And, because Jenny is the epitome of hard-working and has a vibrant personality, she works to mentor and train new employees as well.

“My coworkers would describe me as highly caffeinated, fun, and on a mission to complete whatever needs to be done,” she said. With so many moving parts under her purview, that description seems fitting!

Jenny has always found her work with PSI to be interesting, but it wasn’t until she spoke with a doctor regarding her mom’s heart catheterization that it hit home how relevant and important her work is. As he explained the procedure and tools to her, she realized that a good portion of the products being used were items that she had tested. “When you realize that the work you do actually affects people,” she explained, “it brings a whole new level of passion to the job. You start treating everything like it’s going to affect your mom or dad, because it WILL affect someone else’s loved ones.” As for her mom, “She is absolutely fine,” she reassured us. Good to hear!

Jenny will be celebrating her ten year anniversary with PSI this Halloween, which we think is incredibly fitting for someone so deeply in love with Harry Potter.

When Jenny’s not managing testing timelines and encouraging the newest PSI employees, she loves to travel in her teardrop camper. She hopes to do more international travel “once I’ve won the lottery and become fabulously wealthy.” She promises that she’d still work at PSI, though. “It’s too interesting and fun to give up!”

Molly & Gus

She also loves pugs. “I do occasional work with Mid-Atlantic Pug Rescue. Three of my dogs came from there,” she said. “I can’t foster anymore (curse you, four dog limit!) but I still do home checks and help with transports.” She competes in Flyball tournaments with her pugs, and owns the 6th and 9th ranked pugs in North America. When she’s not playing with her pugs or dreaming of international travel, she runs with the Hogwarts Running Club (which raises money for charity while being awesomely nerdy) and enjoys reading, playing video games, hiking, and kayaking.

Jenny took the time to ask her coworkers what they thought we should know about her; trust us when we say these responses were worth noting:

  • Witty
  • 100% Gryffindor
  • She’s nuts
  • She’s a total nerd
  • She has enough funny, bizarre, and true stories to fill a book
  • She has a fabulous music collection
  • She drives like an old woman

Jenny, thank you for always making us laugh and for being unabashedly yourself. We love having you on our team!