Meet Josh Rancourt

SGS PSI has its own resident Macgyver in the form of Josh Rancourt. Does that last name sound familiar? You guessed it: Josh is the son of Founder & Technical Director, Jim Rancourt, & General Manager, Cynthia Rancourt.

Josh Rancourt HeadshotJosh grew up with SGS PSI, and has been on the SGS PSI team for 12 years. Currently, he is the Director of Facilities & IT. “I end up wearing a lot of hats,” Josh said. “Primarily I am responsible for the facility, and I oversee our team of two IT professionals who also help me with facility and equipment tasks when necessary.” Josh is in charge of organizing and executing any adds or changes to the facility, as well as maintaining lab instruments and equipment. This includes making sure that repairs or improvements in instruments leaves them not only in an operable state, but highly precise and able to meet our strict performance qualification criteria.

As you can imagine, Josh’s role is absolutely critical to our work at SGS PSI. “My ideal day at work would be a day that I work with my team and suppliers to provide value to the company and enable our scientists to safely, efficiently, and effectively conduct their work,” Josh explained. “I like going home feeling like I have accomplished something that made SGS PSI better than the day before.”

So how is Josh the SGS PSI Macgyver? Josh is passionate about his job because “I like making things, whether that means designing and building equipment myself, repurposing a device, overseeing a construction project, or having a custom part machined.” This knack for problem-solving and figuring out how things work is perfect for this role. Our equipment is in the best hands when Josh is here to fix it.

And Josh isn’t just a Macgyver of equipment parts. This role requires Macgyver-ing ideas and information to find the best possible solutions. Josh said his favorite part about his role is “using knowledge from disparate areas of study and life to develop valuable, innovative, and creative solutions to meet the needs of clients, both internal and external.” Josh has used his knowledge about design & construction–learned from his work on the construction of our current facility–to serve on the building team for his church as they construct a new worship space & community center.

While Josh is a pro of problem-solving, there’s a learning curve when working with scientists and their equipment. Josh overcame this simply by listening and learning. “When talking to really smart scientists and you are in over your head,” he said, “just stay calm, hold on, and actively listen. You will learn new things you never imagined you would be able to understand. Everyone can be a scientist.”

When not in the office, Josh enjoys an active lifestyle. He loves running, and you can find him on trails and paths running no matter the weather (we’re not exaggerating; he has special gear for running in the snow!) He likes biking and going on adventures with his family as well.

Without Josh to take care of our gorgeous building and state-of-the-art equipment, we wouldn’t be able to do the testing we love. Thank you, Josh, for your work with SGS PSI!

Josh Rancourt