Polymer Solutions On The Move

As we recently discussed in our press release, Polymer Solutions moved to a new facility this month, and we couldn’t be happier with our new home. The move was accomplished over the course of a weekend and involved not only porting IT and phone configurations, but also transporting samples, chemicals and lab equipment. Most companies would balk at a project of such scale, but our team put forward an incredible amount of strength and effort, which allowed us to complete the move in a little over two days.

Planning and Execution
When most businesses need to move their offices, they hire consultants to help manage the move, but not us. We have a wealth of such diverse talent that we were able to manage almost the entire move in-house. Leading up to the move, Megan Evans, our Quality Assurance Manager, created a relocation plan in order to guarantee that the quality system was maintained before, during and after the move. Her efforts kept everyone on target and preserved quality standards during this transitional time. In terms of move preparation, Rylee Rhodes, Business Administration Manager, was tasked with organizing the team and making sure that everyone knew what their responsibilities would be on move day. She did an incredible job and took care of the tiniest of details.

“When most businesses need to move their offices, they hire consultants to help manage the move, but not PSI.”

With a solid preparation plan from Rylee and Megan, the rest of the team was able to get to work with confidence on Friday afternoon. Amazingly, everyone worked a full 9 to 5 day before getting started on the move. That night, our team worked to port administrative items to the new building so it would have live Internet, phones, and the document management system online on Saturday morning. This allowed us to quickly get back to updating and managing documents as part of the quality system and instrument qualification process. Over the course of the weekend, everyone worked a full day Saturday and a half day on Sunday in order to move IT components, work stations, samples, and equipment.

Special Shout-Outs
Although everyone did an excellent job, some special thanks needs to go out to Anthony Bryant, our IT Manager, who stayed up working until 1AM to make sure that everything would be ready for business as usual on Monday morning. Josh Rancourt, our Facilities Manager, worked closely with Anthony to make sure that all the work was configured correctly and that it could be accomplished in a timely manner.

The Polymer Solutions team is a very family-oriented company, that is also highly involved in the local community, including Northstar Church. When Northstar heard about the move, the church couldn’t help but get involved. Over the weekend, six members of Northstar assisted with PSI’s move by moving boxes, setting up computers, and configuring work spaces. And at home, spouses and other family members held down the fort – taking care of young ones and making sure that hot dinners were on the tables when the work day was done.

Building on Teamwork
Our move was remarkable for many reasons. The new facility is much more organized and well-suited to our requirements, but the actual move is a testimony to the strong community that binds us together. Polymer Solutions is more than just a bunch of co-workers – it is a family that comes together to accomplish great things. And this wasn’t a one-off – our whole team puts our all into everything we do, whether it’s testing and analysis, complex problem solving, or, as we saw recently, an office move.