PSI at Nation’s Largest Medical Device Event, Feb. 11-13

New medical device technologies will be on display at the MD&M West conference.
From the MD&M West conference website.

Are you attending this year’s MD&M West conference? It is the largest medical device conference in the U.S. this year. We’ll be there February 11-13 in Anaheim, Calif., (with the possibility of a  short diversion to Disneyland, too). If you’re also planning to attend, we’d like to connect and say hello.

Why Do We Care About Medical Devices?

Regular readers of our blog know that medical devices hold a special place for scientists at Polymer Solutions Incorporated. The reasons why are pretty clear to those of us who like to solve puzzles and push the envelope: Medical devices can offer tremendous advantages in health and wellness, yet require the strictest attention and testing to ensure they perform safely, consistently, and as expected. PSI helps manufacturers by developing series of tests to measure the strength, durability, and safety of medical devices and their packaging. We ensure that the packaging protects medical devices during shipping, handling, and storage prior to consumer use.

Emerging Technologies Make Medical Device Challenges More Compelling

Moreover, new polymer technologies continue to bridge the gap between “science fiction” and “science reality.”  Bioresorbable polymers, for example, offer exciting new possibilities for application of medications directly at the source of pain with minimal disruption to the body. Ultimately we’re hopeful because we believe all of these technologies are contributing to better care.

What’s Next for Medical Devices?

We have a few educated guesses, but are wise enough to expect some surprises.

For example, we’ve marveled at how regulations — of everything from artificial knees to breast implants — protect consumer safety. Yet, we’ve kept close tabs on the intersection of regulation and technology’s other implications, too.  Consumer safety laws must remain one step ahead as technology unleashes unexpected threats to medical devices. The possibility of  computer hackers “hacking into” artificial body parts is a new consideration for manufacturers, too. How can manufacturers develop strategies (or new languages) to protect the health and integrity of their medical devices? We’ve also traced (and continue to watch) the recent ups and downs and market implications of the medical device tax, too.

Let’s not forget that medical devices are just one aspect of modern patient care. Polymers also influence pharmaceuticals and medical device packaging, too. We think it is an exciting time to witness all the changes happening in the market, and look forward to meeting other people who are bringing their innovations into reality. See you in Anaheim!