PSI Chief Growth Officer to Speak at TEDx VCU

weaveOur Chief Growth Officer, Caitlyn Scaggs, is far more than “just” a CGO. Caitlyn is a former police officer, wife, mother, business owner, daughter, sister, friend and much more. In the fall of 2016 Caitlyn expressed interest in giving a TEDx talk at VCU. She submitted her application in December and patiently waited for, what she hoped would be, positive feedback from the selection committee confirming she would fulfill her dream. And in early 2017 that’s exactly what happened! Caitlyn will be center stage at VCU on February 25, 2017 at VCU. The theme of her talk is patterns, which the TEDx VCU website describes as:

Expected elements that make the unexpected happen. The repeated rhythms and rhymes that allow their own beats. Patterns not only serve as the lens through which we view our lives, but also that structure that creates and sustains them.

Caitlyn was able to weave together her work as a police officer, CGO, and owner of Blue Mobius Marketing and how each position relates to one another, leading her to where she is today. “While the title of my talk is still being refined, the content is finalized and will explore how when we empower ourselves by digging deep into the connectivity that exists between all areas of our lives; no experiences is ever wasted and no change is ever crippling,” Caitlyn explained. “By owning our patterns we can approach life with agility and increasing fearlessness.”

This event will take place on February 25 at Grace Street Theater in Richmond, Virginia. While she has not received an exact time, she expects her talk to take place between 1:00 and 4:30. Tickets are required for the event and are available at the door, but are expected to go fast. 

A large list of people have helped Caitlyn reach this goal, and she has expressed her many thanks to her family, friends and colleagues for their support and encouragement during this exciting process. 

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