PSI’s Annual Family and Friends BBQ

At Polymer Solutions Incorporated, we love to enjoy good company, good eats and good times. Last Friday, we ended the week with our annual company cookout filled with smoked ribs and BBQ, a BBQ sauce contest, a remote control car race (complete with a homemade track), and of course the people our colleagues hold near and dear: their family.

Alan preparing ribs

Weeks of planning went into our cookout with the help of our summer interns. Our marketing intern, Lauren, dedicated her time to organizing the ins and outs of the event.  She worked on the logistics, purchased items for the cookout, and kept our colleagues up-to-date on the latest event happenings. Our interns with technical experience spent the week building a race car track that, when complete, measured a whopping 110 feet.

If a colleague couldn’t cook and knew the chances of placing last in the remote control car race were high we had something special for them, too: margaritas and food. The BBQ was made by our chromatography lab manager, Jarret, and smoked ribs made by our safety manager, Alan. The two prepared for the event days prior to ensure delicious food was present. Our taste buds were teased all day as the smell of BBQ danced around the PSI halls. The BBQ and ribs were accompanied by a variety of sides included macaroni and cheese, homemade cornbread, pasta salad and potato salad (just to name a few). After everyone’s stomachs were full, eyes were locked on the dessert table with treats ranging from homemade pies to Oreo cheesecake bites.

We know, we know, enough with the event description. Let’s get to the good stuff. There’s some competitive blood running through the veins of our colleagues, so you better believe the contests were a big deal. Who doesn’t want to have bragging rights for the next year of best BBQ sauce or PSI race car champion?

An aerial view of the track

For starters, there were four entries in the BBQ sauce contest. Our Chief Growth Officer, Caitlyn Scaggs, pulled away with a win with her “Sweet Heat” sauce. She won a beaker inspired mug, and by 9:00 Monday morning it had already been filled with coffee…twice.

We couldn’t build a race car track without incorporating science into the design. The track was a figure 8 with an underpass and overpass. In addition, it was made of an interlocking pentagon and hexagon. The structure of the track mimicked the chemical structure of caffeine without the branching methyl groups. At its highest point the track was three feet tall. There were over a dozen competitors in the race car competition. When the race was complete Alex Wensley, Metals Lead, came out on top. He won two movie tickets and, of course, was able to keep the race car. 

It’s important to plan in-house events throughout the year to contribute to our company culture that makes PSI such a special place to work. Our BBQ was a huge success and gave us time to partake in healthy competition, sit back, relax and enjoy the breathtaking view of the Blue Ridge Mountains that surround our beautiful home.