PSI, Hootsuite, and Polymers Impacting Social Media

Hootsuite is social media management software used by PSI.

We at Polymer Solutions are pleased to be a featured small business on Hootsuite today (click here)! Hootsuite is software that allows us to quickly and efficiently manage our social media, especially @PSITestingLab on Twitter.

Since Polymer Solutions is a company based on great science, it’s expected that all employees use science in their jobs — even in the marketing department. That’s why I manage our social media strategy based on definable and measurable goals. Hootsuite is a key tool that supports my scientific approach to social media marketing.

Polymers and Social Media

You might not think that polymers have much to do with social media … but you’d be wrong! Polymers are exceedingly important to many technologies that directly support our use of mobile devices (from which most of our social sharing originates) and many other tools.

Here are some examples we’ve featured on our blog:

Polymers Increasing Supercomputers’ Speed
You can’t process your hashtags without #polymers!

From Pressure Sensors to Augmented Reality
Google Glass is just the start … and we know Glass users value social media interaction.

Polymers Improve Performance, Flexibility, and Safety of Li-ion Batteries
We’ve come to rely on our smartphones as one of the best ways to use social media. When we start to talk about battery life we see just how many other applications benefit from longer-lasting batteries. Clean transportation, anyone?

Let’s Socialize!

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Caitlyn Scaggs is director of communications and marketing at Polymer Solutions.

Image: Hootsuite.