At SGS PSI, we pride ourselves for having a fantastic, fun company culture. Our motto–”work hard play hard”–is something we firmly believe in and practice through weekly company breakfasts, annual celebrations, and other intentional events. From Talk Like a Pirate Day to our annual Halloween parties, we enjoy sharing these moments with our readers on our blog.

We have more day-to-day examples of our company culture as well. For example, it’s no secret that we are always up for a little friendly competition, which is one of the reasons why we implemented our snaps system.

So how can you earn snaps? By doing almost anything! From going above and beyond on a specific work task to simply helping a coworker in need, there are endless ways to earn snaps. We have a great staff here at SGS PSI, and snaps allow us to show our appreciation while having some fun while doing it. Snaps can also be awarded on a “give a point, get a point” basis. This encourages our employees to give points, and therefore show appreciation, to others.

We introduced snaps to our company over 10 years ago. The word “snaps” may lead some to think of the famous “snap cup” from the Legally Blonde movie. That is actually where the idea came from! “The original idea was taken from the Legally Blonde movie where they literally would all snap their fingers when someone did something noteworthy,” our General Manager, Cynthia Rancourt explained. “It is a way to show appreciation and thanks on a team level. It supports our strong, collaborative culture.”

We split our staff into four teams, based largely on your position at SGS PSI. For example, our administrative team is on the same team, and each lab is usually grouped together. Snaps are compiled within each team. So the more good you do, the more snaps your team acquires.

At the end of each month, the snaps are tallied to determine the winner for that month. We then send out a company-wide email announcing the winning team. But the celebration doesn’t stop there! We also put banners up around the office. What prize does the winning team get? Bragging rights!

Our snaps system not only contributes to our “work hard play hard” motto, it also allows us to practice our FISH Philosophy. For those who aren’t familiar with this philosophy, it is made up of four practices: Be There, Play, Make Their Day, and Choose Your Attitude. Our snaps system is specifically geared towards the Make Their Day practice, which challenges us to find simple ways to serve or delight people in a meaningful, memorable way.

So which team is going to win this month? Make sure you’re connected with us on social media and stay tuned to find out! To keep updated on our staff and other fun events happening around the SGS PSI lab, check out our company news section on our blog.