photovoltaic cells

polymer solar cell

Photovoltaic materials could be made thinner, more efficient, and more stable thanks to a discovery from scientists in London. The researchers at Imperial College London discovered a new way to […]

silicon solar cell

  A breakthrough has been achieved in efficiency with silicon solar photovoltaic cells. EPFL (École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne in Switzerland) has produced a single-junction microcrystalline silicon solar cell that […]

polymer solar cell

In the quest for the most efficient polymer-based organic photovoltaic cell, scientists have discovered that size matters. Photovoltaic devices are less expensive to manufacture that silicon-based solar cells, reports e! […]


French and American researchers have developed a breakthrough in thin films used in electronic circuits, using copolymers, that could provide a six-fold increase in computer storage capacity, more applications in […]