The 10th World Biomaterials Congress | Montreal

Montreal Post-Nathan PicRecently, two of our scientists traveled to Montreal, Canada for the 10th World Biomaterials Congress (WBC). We sent Kyle Copeland, our Technical Sales Manager, and Nathan Hylton, one of our Project Managers. Every four years, WBC holds the largest gathering of Biomaterial Researchers who are partnering to shape the future of this important industry. This year, WBC had over 1,200 oral presentations, 2,400 poster presentations and 3,500 abstracts submitted. Over 60 countries were represented bringing a variety of experience and insight to the conference. So, why did we attend?

Biomaterials are commonly used within medical devices. They can be used to treat disease or injury to the body by supplementing or replacing tissue and organs. Some applications include drug delivery systems, bioabsorbable stents, and tissue scaffolds. Here at PSI we specialize in the analysis of biomaterials to ensure proper performance and safety in addition to providing failure analysis support. Attending WBC was a great opportunity to stay on top of industry trends and connect with our global client base.

“The trip afforded us a chance to meet with multiple clients all in one place,” Kyle explained. “That was the greatest benefit. But it also allowed us to see the trends in the industry and the status of those trends. For example, 3D bioprinting is advancing quite rapidly.”

In addition to learning about the industry, Kyle and Nathan had the opportunity to connect with a variety of individuals through the PSI booth set up at WBC. “I enjoyed meeting with our clients and being able to speak face to face,” Nathan said. “We were also able to meet with quite a few recent and soon-to-be graduates and were able to talk with them about a ‘day in the life’ of someone in an independent testing lab to give them a feel for the career path.” Part of our sponsorship of the WBC included paying for scholarships, which allowed 3 student-scientists to attend. We firmly believe in supporting the up-and-coming generation of scientists and are thankful the WBC afforded us this opportunity.

Escargot Mushroom Dish-MontrealWe would be lying if their trip was all work and no play. Canada is known for its charming culture, character, and variety of exquisite food. As Kyle explained, “Montreal is a city for foodies. I consider it one of North America’s more eclectic population centers, so that means you can find every style of food you can imagine within walking distance. One week isn’t enough time to even scratch the surface.”

While their time in Montreal flew by, Kyle and Nathan had a great experience and expanded their knowledge about the ever-changing industry. It’s important for us to understand overall market trends, learn about new techniques, and connect with people from around the world. Tradeshows and similar events give us the opportunity to discover new research and grow as scientists, individuals, and indulge our inner “foodies.”