Top 7 Blog Posts of 2017

We’re excited to round out 2017 in a strong way! It’s been a great year here at Polymer Solutions, and we love to reflect on our achievements. Not only did we celebrate our 30th year in business, we were able to have some fun too.

Writing about everyday science and the kinds of analytical problems we work on is something we love to do. We hope you reflect with us, as we look back on the Top 7 Polymer Solutions blog posts for 2017!

#7 Packaging The Chip Challenge Flavors

We had a blast with this post–and not just because we got to try new potato chip flavors. The science behind potato chip bags is really interesting. So much goes into a chip bag; everything from a material that works well for glossy graphics to one that locks out moisture and keeps the contents crisp.

We’re glad folks like this post, especially because our materials testing capabilities like film layer analysis ties in so well!

#6 Stickiness Insulting Reality Rubber Reversion

Not only was this a fun blog to write, it allowed us to be a little nerdy and talk about something we’re passionate about: polymer analysis!

As rubber ages, something interesting happens: it begins to revert back to its original state. We call that reversion, and it happens when the stronger polymer crosslinks get snipped and the molecules revert back into their original small chains. This makes the rubber very sticky–not usually a property that the designer intended or is happy about.

Connecting polymer science to things we notice in everyday life makes us really happy. Each time we write something like this, we love when people outside the industry find it interesting too!

#5 What Makes Plastic Turn Yellow?

It’s not every day that we get to tackle a topic that affects so many plastics, from medical devices to video game consoles.

The Polymer Solutions team investigated a case of yellowing and failing medical tubing. It got us thinking about all the other plastics that turn yellow: from the plastic inside your car to video game consoles that were exposed to sunlight for years.

If you’re curious like us, we’re sure you’ll find this issue, along with many of the ones we blog about, fascinating!

#4 What’s the Difference Between Silicone and EPDM?

Materials testing is a huge area of interest for us here at Polymer Solutions. From chemical analysis to physical testing, we’re always happy to take a look at your needs and solve complex problems for our clients!

In this post, we explored the differences between two types of rubber–silicone and EPDM. It was a hit, and we love that we were able to really dive deep and present technical information in our blog!

#3 Defining Metal Properties

It’s great to see our timeless scientific content so well-represented, years later.

This infographic and accompanying blog post, first shared in 2015, explains the various properties of metal–hardness, strength, and toughness. They’re directly related but the differences are often misunderstood. This clarifying post has been a big hit!

#2  Celebrating the Differences (and Similarities) of LDPE and HDPE

If you don’t work with plastics every day, you might not have any strong feelings concerning the different types. For us, though, we develop strong preferences and really love the unique properties of each.

Diving into the two types of plastic, LDPE and HDPE, allowed us to explore yet another technical concept and share it in a way that connects to outside readers. If you’re wondering why we’re excited, check out the post to see for yourself!

#1 Why Does Stainless Steel Rust?

When we wrote this blog in 2015, we had high hopes. Nobody really explained exactly why stainless steel rusts well online, so we took it upon ourselves to answer that question.

We’re really grateful that we were able to connect people to knowledge about the science we love to discuss. As you can see from the spirited and continuous discussion, this post is a huge hit within the online community.

We hope our blog inspires you to stay curious and go beneath the surface of the questions that you think about every day. When we do, it gives us a chance to share our discoveries and connect with our wonderful clients and broader audience.

We love the science we do every day and couldn’t be more grateful to be able to share it with you here on the Polymer Solutions blog.

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