About Durometer Testing

There are several scales of Durometer, used for materials with different properties. The two most common scales, using slightly different measurement systems, are the A and D scales. The A scale is for softer plastics, while the D scale is for harder ones. However, the ASTM D2240 testing standard calls for a total of 12 scales, depending on the intended use with higher values indicating a harder material. 

  • Approaches

    SGS Polymer Solutions (SGS PSI) routinely uses the following durometer types:

    • Shore A (softer plastics and most rubbers)
    • Shore D (most plastics and harder rubbers)
    • Shore M (microhardness for small samples)
    • Shore O (highly elastic samples)

    Durometer Testing



  • Sample Considerations

    The sample considerations will vary depending upon which Shore Scale is being tested. All samples need to be solids.  Common samples are:

    • O-Rings
    • Disks
    • Bars of Materials
    • Finished Products, like injection molded parts

    Contact us with your specific sample consideration questions.

  • Experience

    Durometer work we've done:

    • Specification testing
    • Material comparison
    • Change in properties with exposure to application conditions
    • Material selection