About Food Contact Testing of Polyetherimide Resin
Polyetherimide materials are used in a variety of cookware. The FDA requires that polyetherimide articles intended for use in food contact applications must meet certain requirements. This method covers part (c) of 21 CFR 177.1595.

1. Intrinsic viscosity using chloroform as the solvent will be determined. The polyetherimide material shall have an intrinsic value of not less than 0.35 deciliter per gram at 25°C. This will be performed per a method titled “Intrinsic Viscosity of ULTEM Polyetherimide Using Chloroform as the Solvent.
2. Extractive limitations are applicable to the resin in the form of molded discs with a thickness of 0.16 cm. The resin discs when extracted with distilled water at 121 °C for two hours yield total nonvolatile extractives of not more than 12.3 micrograms per square centimeter.

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