About Chemical Analysis

Every physical object that exists (the air in a room, the plastic of a stator housing, drinking water, aluminum aircraft skin, the sun) is a mixture of substances.  For manufactured plastic or metal parts, there is typically a base material (i.e. PET plastic), processing additives (i.e. waxes), stabilizers or anticorrosion additives (i.e. UV stabilizers) and there can be impurities present.  Even ultrapure materials like fine gold bullion or silicon wafers have low levels of impurities.  Some of these additive or impurities may be found only at the surface of a material, others are evenly distributed through the bulk of the sample.  Chemical analysis techniques are used to gather important information about what substances are contained in a object. 

  • Approaches

    Common Chemical Analysis Techniques Include:

    • Fourier Infrared Transform Spectroscopy (FTIR) and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy (NMR) are great techniques for the main material components.
    • Scanning Electron Micrscopy with Energy Dispersive X-Ray Spectroscopy (SEM/EDS or SEM/EDX) is an excellent technique for analyzing surface additives and contaminants. 
    • Chromatography testing techniques separate mixtures and are great for additive analysis.
    • Wet Chemistry tehniques are used for material certification and field identification of certain components.
  • Sample Considerations

    The sample considerations for your project depend entirely on the testing method needed to meet your needs.

    We invite you to contact us so we can create a testing plan that meets your needs.


  • Experience

    We have been providing chemical analysis services to our clients, across the globe, for over 26 years.  Some examples of the work we've done and products we've tested include:

    • Cosmetics: Lotions, Mascara, Shampoo
    • Polyester Films
    • Impact Resistant Polymers
    • Polyester Films
    • Epoxy Compositions
    • Bioabsorbable Polymers
    • Agricultural Products
    • Construction Materials
    • Medical Products
    • Packaging Materials
    • Electronic Components
    • Ceramics, Metals, Plastics, Polymers
    • Children's Toys
    • Vinyl-Coated Fabrics
    • Plastic Tubing
    • CPVC Pipe