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SGS Polymer Solutions is a trusted provider of plastic testing and plastic analysis across a wide range of industries and applications.

Plastics are part of everything we do, from the cars we drive to the utensils we use to eat meals in those cars; from the cables wrapping our electrical wires to the pipes bringing water to our faucets. It’s crucial to predict how plastics will behave under a wide variety of circumstances, and to discover why plastics fail when they do.

SGS PSI has decades of experience solving complex challenges involving plastics. Our scientists are plastic detectives, capable of analyzing plastics in a wide variety of ways with careful documentation, continuous communication, and proper certification. SGS PSI is ISO 17025 accredited and FDA Registered.

There are many reasons people need scientific testing and analysis of plastic samples. Some common needs for plastic testing include:

  • Testing plastic products before scaling-up production
  • Testing for health and safety regulations
  • Testing for strength, flexibility, durability and longevity
  • Testing to determine why plastic materials and plastic products have failed

Some common needs for plastic analysis include:

  • Analyzing products to determine what the plastic is made of – you’d be surprised at the number of ingredients in even clear water bottle plastic
  • Testing food packaging to make sure it doesn’t contaminate food or break down when frozen or microwaved — but will break down in a landfill
  • How long will plastic pipes last when they’re buried underground, or inside the walls of a new house?
  • What is the best combination of materials for manufacturing automobile tires that are safe and long-lasting?

Plastic testing and plastic analysis are necessary steps in designing and manufacturing plastic products and products that contain plastic components

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Plastic Testing Approaches

SGS PSI has expertise across a wide range of methods for testing and analyzing plastics, including:

  • Analyzing Additives within Plastics
  • Extractables & Leachables
  • Plastic Contamination Analysis
  • Residual Monomer Analysis
  • Residual Solvent Analysis
  • Molecular Weight Analysis
  • Phthalates Analysis
  • Aging Studies for Plastics
  • Polymer Structural Analysis
  • Embrittlement Testing
  • Deformulation Testing
  • Plastic Surface Analysis
  • Depth Profiling
  • RoHS Testing
  • And many more
Shot of a bags full of plastic resin pellets

Plastic Sample Considerations

For many clients, the sample that is submitted is the actual product or the portion of the product that contains the plastic. We are as frugal with the sample as the technique will allow.

The type of test used will determine the required sample size. Some of the popular techniques we offer for testing plastics include:

  • FTIR or NMR
  • Headspace Gas Chromatography
  • Microscopy Techniques
  • Durometer Testing
  • Rheology
  • HPLC
  • And many more.

Contact an expert to discuss sample considerations specific to your testing needs.

Plastics Expertise:

SGS Polymer Solutions Incorporated is ISO 17025 accredited and FDA Registered. Our extraordinary team of scientists has decades of experience in plastic testing and analysis for:

  • Analysis of competitor plastics
  • Medical devices and implants
  • Medical packaging
  • Food packaging
  • Plastic formulation
  • Injection molding setup
  • Plastic certification
  • And many more.

We have extensive experience with bioabsorbable polymers, polyurethanes, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene, polyetheretherketone, nylons and other polymers that are used for implants or medical products.