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Why Us

Rely on the global benchmark for sustainability, quality and integrity.

We have a proven track record of solving complex problems for our clients.

We do what it takes to be a world leader in the plastic, polymer and materials testing space and we are proud to continue to lead the way in North America. SGS PSI goes above and beyond the provision of standard testing methods by offering innovative, advanced compendial methods such as ISO, ASTM, and USP. Our highly skilled laboratory staff have over 35 years of experience in delivering independent sample test results and providing analysis, leveraging state-of-the-art technologies and world-leading instrumentation. This translates to a unique ability to design test protocols and methods specific to our customers’ needs when it comes to materials testing and chemical analysis. Many clients also take advantage of our consultation services to optimize their products before going to market. We are passionate about what we do and are committed to a collaborative approach that leverages the best in science and customer service. To deliver peace of mind for your testing and analysis requirements our laboratory provides one-on-one technical guidance from your first point of contact through end of project. We believe expert testing should be handled by expert scientists.

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