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Material Suppliers

In today’s climate of increased regulatory oversight, materials suppliers are being asked to provide more and more data on their products in order to make a sale.

Here at SGS PSI, we can help with that testing. We have a wide variety of capabilities available for the testing of plastic resins, including melt flow index and additives analysis, to name two. 

We can also help with testing your resin or product to ensure it doesn’t contain heavy metals, such as those regulated by the Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive in Europe.

SGS PSI has the capability to compare your resin to a competitor’s, or to reverse engineer the competitive product.  

We can focus on how the material performs in processing, including various measures of molecular weight and viscosity along with determination of process aids and stabilizers. 

At SGS PSI we can also develop custom tests for your parts to determine properties like strength or hardness. 

Plastic resin pellet ready for material testing