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Optical Microscopy Analysis uses a system of lenses and visible light to magnify the image of a sample.

Optical Microscopy (OM) is often the first technique used to examine or compare products or prepare small samples before further analysis is performed.  It is often used to document sampling sites or phenomenon encountered during other tests. With magnifications from 10x to 500x, many details and features of samples are revealed.


Topography and texture are not an issue with Optical Microscopy. Through our experience, skills, and  proper lighting techniques we will provide excellent documentation of your sample.

We can magnify a sample generally 10-2,500x with OM.  If you require a higher degree of magnification Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) can offer magnification up to 500,000x.  

Sample Considerations

Virtually any sample can be evaluated using the Optical Microscopy technique. Samples are positioned directly under the microscope for inspection.

A variety of sizes and shapes can be accommodated with our systems.  We can accommodate large samples with our Optical Microscopy equipment.  If the sample is large we are able to bring the microscope to the sample, thus allowing for analysis without altering the sample or product.

Contact an expert with your specific sample consideration questions.


Work we’ve done:

  • Identifying process issues
  • Foreign materials
  • Visual inspections
  • Quality Control
  • Failure Analysis
  • Contamination Analysis
  • Evaluate stress points in materials
  • Sampled site documentation
  • Sample condition documentation
  • Non-destructive qualitative assessment of materials and parts