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Polymer Characterization

ISO 18553 | Pigment Dispersion Assessment in Polyolefin Pipes, Fittings, & Compounds

Pigments and carbon black are used in the polyethylene pipe industry for material identification as well as for surface protection to maintain physical and mechanical properties.


Samples of pipe material are cut and pressed between microscope slides and then melted between 150°C and 210°C.  The pressed sample is examined under high magnification and the dispersed particles are graded by their size distribution.  The method calls out how to grade the materials based on particle size distributions.

Sample Considerations

Contact us to discuss sample considerations specific to your testing needs.

Polyethylene pipes


This is a standard test method for polyolefin pipes that we have performed for many different projects and clients.  These requests are typically related to current or pending litigation cases.  Onsite observation of all sample preparation and analysis by both parties is something we welcome and can easily accommodate.