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Chemical Analysis

Energetic materials are those substances that have energy stored in their structure that can be released to do work.  These can be solid, liquid, gas, organic, inorganic, and combinations of these.  These are reactions that are released exothermically at different rates depending on their use. 

To assure safe and reliable performance of this class of materials, testing of the physical and chemical properties is usually required.


There are a wide variety of methods available for testing of energetic materials.  SGS PSI primarily performs chemical characterization and testing of physical properties.  Feel free to contact us to discuss your testing needs

SGS PSI has years of experience testing materials in the Aerospace Industry

Sample Considerations

Sample sizes vary widely depending on the application.  In general, it is desirable to work with the smallest sample possible due to safety and transport considerations.

Contact us to discuss your Energetic Material samples


SGS PSI is capable of working with many class 1.3 and 1.4 materials.

Materials we’ve worked with:

  • Aluminum and other metal powder
  • Cellulosic materials
  • Chemical stabilizers
  • Solid rocket propellant