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Polymer Characterization

The characterization of polymer systems is important for when new materials are synthesized, when a competitive product is being evaluated, or when the performance of a product needs to be improved.

This may include the determining molecular weight distribution, molecular structure, morphology of the polymer, thermal properties, mechanical properties, and identification/quantitation of additives.  It is a complex and multi-faceted process that requires years of experience and strong educational backgrounds–our scientists at SGS PSI are equipped with both.

Additives Analysis

Carbon Black Dispersion Testing

Coating Analysis

Filler Content Analysis

Film Layer Analysis

Implant Analysis

Imported Goods Testing

In Vitro Degradation Testing

Material Certification Qualification

Molecular Weight Analysis

Morphological Analysis

Odor Analysis

Plastic Testing & Plastic Analysis

Plasticizer Analysis

Poloxamer Testing

Polymer Analysis

Polymer Stabilizer Analysis

Polymer Structure Analysis

Polyolefin Branching Analysis

Quality Assurance

Residual Monomer Analysis

Residual Solvent Analysis

Toxics in Packaging Clearinghouse (TPCH) Testing

Transparent Liquid Color Measurement