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Consumer Product

The stakes are high when you have a problem with a consumer product and your reputation as a company is on the line. 

SGS PSI excels at solving high consequence problems. We collaborate with our clients to provide timely, precise, and relevant answers to consumer product testing challenges. 

We are frequently contacted because of concerns related to banned plasticizers, heavy metals, foreign materials and contaminants.  Some specific examples of our experience with consumer product testing include:

  • Children’s products for safety applications, such as lead testing and phthalates analysis
  • Children’s toys for GHB-precursor contamination
  • Agricultural product bags
  • Molded rubber parts for the presence of appropriate antioxidants, antiozonants and other additives
  • Identify the type and quantify amounts of phthalates in a material
  • Verify the presence and quantify the amounts of DEG in a material
  • Sporting goods for heavy metals contamination
  • Shoe components for verification of polymer composition
  • Microwaveable food packaging
  • Pet food containers
  • Proposition 65 Compliance Testing of various products
SGS PSI has years of experience testing consumer goods products like children’s toys