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Polymer Characterization

The use of polymers is so pervasive that nearly all industries have a need for Polymer Analysis either regularly or on an as-needed basis.

What are Polymers?

Polymers are large molecules comprised of many repeating units.  These units are  joined together to form really long chains.  Polymers can be natural, for example cellulose,  starch, and nucleic acids.  Polymers can also be synthetic, such as Nylon, Polystyrene, and Polyethylene.  At SGS Polymer Solutions we have decades of experience in the field of polymer analysis coupled with strong educational backgrounds.


Chromatography:  Chromatography analysis separates mixtures into individual components, for example, polymer and additives.

Spectroscopic: methods answer the question, “what is it?

Microscopy:  Microscopic methods provide information about polymer size, shape, and structure of materials and surface topography information.

Physical Testing:  Physical test methods provide performance information for samples under specified test conditions.  For example, “how strong is it?”

Wet Chemistry: Wet chemistry covers a large variety of testing techniques.  Wet chemistry methods are often a necessary part of a more complex testing plan.

Thermal Analysis:  Thermal analysis methods determine physical properties as a function of time, or frequency, and temperature in a controlled atmosphere. For example, “what is the melting point?”

Titrations:  Quantitative chemical analysis for a particular analyte. For example, “how many acid groups are present?”  We can perform Potentiometric Titrations, Halide Testing, and Karl Fischer Titrations.

Plastic granular polymer. Samples in flasks.

Polymer Analysis Applications

  • Polymer Characterization
  • Residual Monomer Testing
  • Deformulation & Competitor Product Analysis
  • Imported Goods Testing
  • Molecular Weight Analysis
  • Medical Product Testing
  • Material Selection
  • Extractables & Leachables Testing
  • Material Certification & Qualification
  • Quality Control & Assurance
  • Phthalates Analysis
  • Depth Profiling & Surface Analysis
  • Polymer Structure Analysis
  • Stress Testing
  • Additives Analysis
  • Aging & Chemical Resistance Testing
  • Failure Analysis
  • Product Release Testing
  • Lot Release Testing

Contact an expert to discuss sample considerations specific to your testing needs.

Products we’ve tested:

Medical devices and medical products:  Packaging, tubing, drug delivery systems, bioreabsorbable scaffolds, stents, catheters.

Pharmaceutical products Drugs, excipient testing, raw material testing, drug eluting stents, and combination device testing.

Industrial products:  Film, fiber, o-rings, adhesives, coatings, circuit boards, and tires of all sizes and shapes.

Aerospace & Defense:  Tear gas, body armor, bullets, explosives, laminates, propellants, and epoxy resins.

Consumer Products:  Mascara, mattress foam, microwaveable food packaging, carpet, women’s lingerie, tanning lotion, and tortillas.

Material Suppliers:  Resins (used in a variety of products), plastic pellets.