About Metallography

All sizes and types of metallic materials are suitable for metallography analysis.  This technique is used to analyze and examine the physical structure of metals, specifically the microstructure or other morphological features.

  • Approaches

    Most of the preparation techniques for metallography analysis are destructive by nature.  These include:

    • Cleaning
    • Sectioning
    • Grinding
    • Polishing 
    • Etching

    After preparation the sample is often analyzed by Optical Microscopy (OM) or Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM).

  • Sample Considerations

    We have the capabilities to prepare nearly any metallic sample.  Each microscopic technique has it's own sample requirements, those will be reviewed before sample preparation begins.

    Contact us to discuss your metallography testing needs and associated sample considerations.

  • Experience

    One interesting example of our experience with metallography is the analysis of bullets.  In the image below you will see a cross section of a bullet.  The image is color coded to show the what element is present at each pixel in the image. Oxygen, copper, and lead are illustrated  by the colors blue, red and yellow, respectively.

    Metallography Analysis: Cross Section of a Bullet