About Nanoindentation Testing

Nanoindentation is a hardness testing technique for measuring the physical properties of samples such as film layers which are often too small for conventional physical testing techniques.
  • Approaches

    Samples to be tested by nanoindentation have to be rigidly mounted and also have a relatively flat testing surface.
    Nanoindentation samples are frequently prepared using the same techniques as samples prepared for electron microscopy, which require mounting them in a rigid matrix such as epoxy and then polishing the testing surface flat.
  • Sample Considerations

    • Samples with a homogenous microstructure are ideal as they yield consistent data.
    • Samples can be as small as several microns in the shortest axis.
  • Experience

    We have extensive experience with nanoindentation testing. Some of the products and materials we have tested include: 

    • Small mechanical parts
    • Filaments
    • Bullet fragments
    • Polymers
    • Metals
    • Ceramics