About Specific Gravity & Density Determiniation

Specific Gravity is a measure of the ratio of the mass of a given volume of material at 23 °C to the same volume of water. Density, a closely related measurement, is defined as the mass per unit volume of a sample.


  • Approaches

    Specific Gravity and Density tests can be used to identify a material or to follow physical changes in a sample. 

    Specific Gravity and Density tests can also be used to indicate the degree of uniformity or variability among different sampling units or specimens, or to indicate the average density of a large item.

     ASTM Standards:

    • D1475
    • D792
    • D1505
  • Sample Considerations

    The sample needs to be roughly a cubic centimeter in volume.  

    The sample does not necessarily need to be in one solid piece, for example, pellets adding up to a cubic centimeter could be used.

    Specific Gravity and/or Density testing can be performed on liquid and solid samples in forms such as:

    • Sheets
    • Rods
    • Tubes
    • Films
    • Molded Items

    Contact us with your specific sample consideration questions.


  • Experience

    Specific Gravity and Density testing is often used for quality control measures.  We have done a lot of analysis involving:

    • Screening for contaminants
    • Comparisons of  "good" and "bad" samples
    • Batch to batch control
    • Quality control assurance testing