About Tensile Testing

Tensile tests measure the tensile force required to stretch, yield, and fracture a material and the extent to which the material elongates to the yield or failure point.


  • Approaches

    Tensile testing is often used as a quality control check of the material or parts.  It is also used frequently as input during the design phase of a material or molded product. 

    Tensile tests are often used to measure the loss in mechanical strength as a function of use, accelerated aging, or chemical exposure.

    ASTM Standards:

    • D882
    • D638
    • D412
  • Sample Considerations

    There are unique test protocols used for tensile testing of:

    • Films
    • Plastics
    • Rubbery materials
    • Metals

    Standard specimens or molded products can also be tested.

    Discuss your specific sample considerations with one of our scientists.

  • Experience

    We frequently conduct tensile testing suppliers or consumers as a means of quality control.

    Products we've tested:

    • Slats for lawn furniture
    • Multi-layer packaging films
    • Polymer rivets used in bowling machines
    • Plastic conduit for electrical cable installations
    • Strength of orthopedic anchors in bone and bone simulants