In nearly every industry, testing requirements can be complicated. Fortunately, our materials experts have decades of experience across multiple scientific fields to guide you through comprehensive materials testing and analysis that will best meet your needs and accomplish your goals

Creative, Passionate, & Effective Problem-Solving
Any organization that creates a tangible product must undergo preliminary materials testing before releasing that product. But it's more than a regulatory need - these companies benefit from our analytical testing services because we identify potential shortcomings and pitfalls early on. this allows our clients to make essential changes and avoid costly defects from downstream unintended consequences or material failures. Additionally, our scientists can suggest better processes, provide in-depth problem analysis, and provide insight on possible risks. We can make a significant contribution to Quality by Design (QbD).

We use a highly technical, yet creative, approach to consultation services that our clients tell us is a strength and asset of ours. Our scientists relish a challenge and use their wealth of knowledge and our state-of-the-art testing laboratory and analytical equipment to tackle any of our clients' consultative needs. We provide consultation as a stand-alone offering, but are also able to support our consultation services with an abundance of on-site analytical instrumentation.

Expertise in a Variety of Fields
As our name suggests, we specialize in polymer-based materials, but that's not all. We can provide consultation and testing in dozens of fields, from novel method development and validation to forensic engineering to deformulations and everything in between. If it falls under the category of polymer testing, metals testing or materials analysis, we can help.

SGS Polymer Solutions' expertise comes from strong educational backgrounds coupled with years of experience working with industries such as medical devices, pharmaceutical, industrial manufacturing, aerospace and defense, packaging and a variety of others. Through our services, our clients have met compliance requirements from a range of regulatory bodies and overcome innumerable materials challenges.

Our lab features the kind of equipment necessary to provide specific, insightful, and reliable data on an array of materials. In short, there's no problem too complex, material too sensitive, or regulation too demanding for our scientists and equipment to take on.

Don't view materials testing as a necessary evil - think of it as an opportunity to improve your products and processes. It doesn't have to be a rigorous or demanding process for you - leave it to our proven expertise to take the burden of materials analysis off your shoulders. Our scientists love uncovering hidden or unexpected issues and optimizing our clients' products.

Let us partner with you to solve whatever material challenge you have. Request more information and talk with our experts today!