• Kyle Copeland

    Kyle Copeland

    General Manager / Senior Scientist

    Kyle received his B.S. in Polymer Science from the University of Southern Mississippi before gaining over 15 years of experience in multiple sectors of the plastics industry. Before joining SGS PSI in 2010, Kyle held positions in project management, production management, polymer synthesis & processing, sales and marketing, and R&D.  Utilizing his educational background and extensive experience he generates efficient testing plans that truly address each client’s unique needs.

  • Jennifer Brooks, Ph.D.

    Jennifer Brooks, Ph.D.

    Director of Project Management & Thermal Expert

    Jennifer started at SGS PSI in 2002 after receiving her B.S., M Eng, and Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from Virginia Tech. Jennifer is a driving force in the development of SGS PSI.  Her ability to pull together disparate pieces of data and information to create novel testing programs and solutions makes chemistry seem more like art than science.  Jennifer excels at collaboration both with our staff and our clients.

  • Beth Caba, Ph.D.

    Beth Caba, Ph.D.

    Senior Project Manager & Senior Scientist

    Beth received her B.S. in Chemical Engineering and Ph.D. in Macromolecular Science and Engineering from Virginia Tech. Prior to joining the SGS PSI team in 2007 Beth worked for DuPont, where she developed a detailed understanding of project management, process management, quality, safety, and industry requirements. Beth consistently creates novel test protocols that meet strict quality and safety requirements, yet remain relevant to industry demands and the bottom line.

  • Alan Sentman, Ph.D.

    Alan Sentman, Ph.D.

    Senior Scientist, Lab Manager, & Applied Chemistry & Spectroscopy Expert

    Alan joined SGS PSI after receiving his B.S. in Chemistry from the University of California Riverside, and his Ph.D. in Materials Chemistry from the University of California Berkeley.  Alan continues to up the ante in the development of our spectroscopy and applied chemistry labs, develops new in house capabilities, and teaches our team something new every day.  The Applied Chemistry and Spectroscopy Lab is fortunate to have him as a Lab Manager, and SGS PSI is fortunate to have him as an expert.

  • Jason Todd

    Jason Todd

    Chromatography Lab Manager & Expert

    Jason received his B.S. in Chemical Engineering and M.S. in Wood Science and Forest Products from Virginia Tech. Jason has been with SGS PSI since 1999 and his attention to detail is second to none. His contributions and knowledge base have been instrumental in SGS PSI’s growth. Jason has developed an expertise in deformulations, additives analysis, mass spectrometry, and method development. Jason provides leadership to SGS PSI as our Liquid Chromatography Expert and Lab Manager.

  • Jarret Wright, M.Sc.

    Jarret Wright, M.Sc.

    Thermal, Physical, & Microscopy Lab Manager

    Jarret came to SGS PSI with a background in food analysis and management of HACCP and quality systems. He has B.S. and M.S. degrees in food science and technology from Virginia Tech and worked in the meat industry before joining our team in 2010. Jarret has been a leader in failure analysis subrogation projects and helped to foster our capabilities for food and food packaging testing