The use of packaging products is pervasive and integral to nearly all industries.  Packaging technology is often complex because the packaging material needs to display a wide array of physical traits, ranging from strength to chemical properties.  Packaging materials are often films which are formed in layers to give the product multiple properties to create a high-functioning material.  

Our clients include those within the packaging industry that are regulated by the FDA, as well as those that work for non-regulated industries.  We regularly provide packaging analysis services to those within the medical device,  pharmaceutical, cosmetics, consumer products, food and beverage, and pet products industries.

Packaging testing can be helpful when determining whether your product is functioning as designed or for discovering why your product is not meeting specifications.  Packaging testing is also done so that regulated companies can demonstrate their packaging materials are in compliance with mandated regulations.  We have a wide variety of in-house capabilities that we utilize regularly to meet the needs of our packaging clients.  

Our experience witin the packaging industry includes:

  • Determining the layer thickness of packaging films
  • Identification and composition determination of particles contained within films
  • Competitor product deformulation and comparative analysis
  • Delamination and film adhesion analysis
  • Elemental composition of film layers
  • Extractables and leachables testing

We've enjoyed testing a wide variety of packing products for our clients.  Some of those products include:

  • Microwaveable food packaging
  • Snack food containers
  • Containers used for cosmetics
  • Metallized films
  • Product labels
  • Plastic bags
  • Candy wrappers
  • Pet food containers
  • Pharmaceutical packaging
  • Medical device and medical product packaging materials