Our Company Pillars & Values:

Integrity – We are committed to doing the right thing, whether dealing with clients, vendors, or with each other. We seek to treat others the way we want to be treated and to be a company that adheres to high ethical standards.

Quality – Quality is the foundation of SGS Polymer Solutions. An uncompromising commitment to quality permeates everything we do as a corporation. Our dedication to the highest standards gives our customers confidence that we will provide the technical excellence they require.  This commitment is reflected in our strong credentials: ISO-17025, cGMP Compliant, FDA Registered, and DEA licensed.

Expertise – We are all experts in our individual areas of responsibility. Every employee, from the offices to the laboratories, strives to be an expert at what they do. Each staff member works toward continuous growth and improvement in their position. With many years of experience and numerous highly degreed scientists, we are qualified to respond to a wide variety of molecular-related testing needs.

Partners – Our expert team solves complex problems. We partner with each client as we work side by side with them to bring relevant solutions to their unique issues. We strive to ensure that each individual client is thrilled with the service we provide to them and that it truly meets their needs.  Our goal is to utilize our expertise as a complement to our client's knowledge and capabilities.

Responsiveness – We recognize the importance of exhibiting exceptional customer service from the first contact we have with a potential customer until the conclusion of a project.  We work quickly with customers to meet their unique needs in a way that they are amazed at our willingness and ability to adapt to their needs.

Progressiveness - We strive to be at the forefront of scientific advancements, constantly working to deepen our knowledge base and to be in a perpetual state of growth and improvement.  Our mindset is also progressive, as we look beyond what's been done before to determine what can be done now.

Enthusiasm – We believe in working hard and playing hard.  Enjoying work is an essential piece of our company culture.  We work as an expert team, providing solutions for our customers while simultaneously having fun.