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Trust the Process: How Testing at PSI Works

scientific-testingAs an independent, ISO 17025 accredited testing lab, we get plenty of questions about what we do and how we do it. Our process is actually pretty straightforward, because it stems from one core principle: communication & trust come first.

In a quality-compliance field, establishing transparency & traceability is critical in testing, which is why being clear about our processes and procedures is of the utmost importance. We keep in touch with our clients through the entire testing process, from the very first point of contact to the delivery of final results.

It all starts with a request. A client contacts us, and our technical sales representatives work with them to create protocols specific to the needs of the client. We want to ensure that each and every test is the best possible process for that particular product; we aren’t afraid of creating new tests or altering an old one to fit the particular challenges and uniqueness of a product. We then confirm with the client that this test & the estimate fit their needs.

Once confirmed, clients submit samples, a purchase form, and a sample submission form. The latter allows for traceability, so all parties involved can see exactly where, when, and with what the testing process began. Clients receive confirmation that their samples arrived, and a notice when the project begins.

Throughout the testing process, the client’s assigned Project Manager provides updates, answers questions as they arise, and works to compile the full report prepared at the conclusion of testing. Having a specific individual whom clients remain in contact with allows for a more personalized experience. With one dedicated Manager, clients know exactly who to contact, and they will be able to provide specific, informed updates. Again, traceability and transparency are crucial, so one person in charge means our process can be clearer, more efficient, and more easily traceable.

When testing is finished, clients receive results.  Unlike other facilities that may send clients just a data sheet, we offer a formal report with background, methods, data, implications, conclusions, and considerations: full transparency and traceability. We want our clients to be well-informed about the results, and be able to use them confidently.

We built our process on a foundation of partnership. In testing, trust is key. If a client is giving us their product to test, they must trust that the results will be conclusive and accurate. Without trust, results would be questioned, or the client wouldn’t even bother to use our facilities. By thinking of client relationships as partnerships, however, we build a firm base of trust with clients: a foundation so strong that many of our clients return to us again and again. Clients aren’t just a number at PSI; they’re a team member. And, in our opinion, nothing proves that better than our process.