About Material Selection

 We can assist with the initial material selection for a new product.  Or, by providing a description of the chemical and physical properties of a material that is in current use, we can objectively screen potential alternate suppliers.  This description can also be used to guide quality control testing and the preparation of meaningful certificates of conformance.

  • Approaches

    Our scientists are trained at a fundamental level and have relevant industrial experience so we can offer comprehensive material selection options.

    We understand the stabilizers needed for weathering, durability, and impact resistance.

    We look forward to solving your material selection challenge.

  • Sample Considerations

    A comparison material may be available to aid in the material selection process.  In this case, the client simply needs to explain the attributes they do and do not like about the current material so that an appropriate material can be specified and sourced. 

    Alternatively, physical and chemical requirements can be provided or described in general terms and our scientists can offer candidate materials for evaluation.

    Contact us to talk through your specific sample considerations.

  • Experience

    Work we've done:

    • Polymers for medical products
    • Additives for agricultural products
    • Coatings for electrical wiring
    • Adhesives for military applications
    • Rubber composition for specific applications